2. Island

Documentary, Short (20 mins) filmed on location in Ischia, Italy.
A portrait of an Island and its inhabitants. Drifting between the ritual of sun drenched visitors, the song of prayer and the healing properties of the volcanic springs. Weaving through out the film is Rodolfo Robati, being trained by Free Diving Champion, William Winram. The film is a nod to the harmonic flow between strangers, and the beauty of observation.

Island Clip from Maddalena McNicholas on Vimeo.


3. Mutter

info    Short Music Film  (9 mins)   

Made in collaboration with music producer, Adolescent, as an attempt to visualise his experience with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. TLE is a unique form of epilepsy in which memory can be heavily effected, familiarity with persons can be altered, a strong sense of De ja Vu induced. The resulting film is a fictional tale of a young boy who’s become lost, his parents deal with their grief, stuck in a perpetual state of dance.

It has two versions, a Three Channel for Gallery / Museum installation and a Single Channel for online purposes.


4. Our Sky

info Short film (8 mins)

Our Sky is an multi channel short film made for gallery/museum installation. It follows the story of two unexpected friends as they search for life beyond their earth.