1. Whats Left of Us

info     Two channel short film (6 mins)

Whats Left of Us, stems from a deep fascination with western language and how it shapes the way we see ourselves. This film is an exploration into how the meaning of words and images can be reclaimed, used for pleasure and empowerment no mater how subtle they may seem. Folk tales were often used to install fear into young woman, warning us to be afraid of the dark dark woods, here we use our voices to bring light, laughter, we use our stories to create bonds with one another. 

Kyna Boyle
Emma Clay
Belinda Jane Launchbury
Fraser Morison

Dir/Prod...Maddalena McNicholas
Camera...Jack Wells
1st AD & Additional Directing...Polly B Morrison
1st AC / Loader...Joeseph Bird
2nd AC... Jerome James King
Sound Recordist...Adina Istrate 
Hair and Makeup...Elin Gittins